Photo Album of Norway

Revista Domingo - JB

These photographs were taken by Marco Terranova, one of the best brazilian photographers.
Marco was in Aalesund (Norway) in october,1995 with a brazilian journalist Denise Moraes,and they made a special report about codfish, published on Domingo magazine of Jornal do Brasil in the 10th of december , 1995.

Below, the thumbs of the photographs;
clicking on any of them, you will see them amplified and in a sequency.

foto01 Aalesund
aerial view of the Cod Capital
JPEG, 45 KByte
foto02 Detail
of a typical house in Aalesund
JPEG,16 KByte
foto03 Mothers
a portrait of the demographic expansion in Norway
JPEG, 27 KByte
foto04 Typical
landscape of a sealife city
JPEG, 23 KByte
foto05 Norway`s flag
in a fishing boat
JPEG,21 KByte
foto06 A cod ship
in the port
JPEG,33 KByte
foto07 Discharge
of cod in Aalesund
JPEG,22 KByte
foto08 Fishermen
in Aalesund
JPEG,36 KByte
foto09 An employee
preparing the fish
JPEG, 18 KByte
foto10 Cod
JPEG, 17 KByte
foto11 Salting
the cod
JPEG, 28 KByte
foto12 Dried
and salted cod
JPEG,28 KByte
foto13 Cod
King's Style
JPEG, 28 KByte
foto14 Cod
Abade's style
JPEG, 28 KByte [^]


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